Larry C. Deeb, MD

Larry C. Deeb, M.D.
Pediatric Endocrinologist




Emory University. Atlanta, GA BA
1965-69 History


Emory University, Atlanta, GA MD
1969-73 Medicine


University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Peds Res 1973-75 Pediatrics


University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Peds Endo 1975-77 Peds Endo




Medical Director: Diabetes Center at
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
1221 Hodges Drive
Tallahassee, Fl 32308

Head: Epidemiology and Statistics Group
Diabetes Control Activity
Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA

Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer
Diabetes Control Activity
Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA

Private Practice
Larry C. Deeb, M.D., P.A.
2804 Remington Green Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32308



Clinical Professor, 1993-
Associate Clinical Professor, 1988-93
Clinical Assistant Professor, 1981-88
Department of Pediatrics


College of Medicine
University of Florida


Research Associate, 1987-
Center for the Study of Populations
Florida State University


Associate in Medicine, 1993-
College of Medicine
Florida State University

Courtesy Associate Professor, Behavioral Medicine, 2004-6
Courtesy Professor, Behavioral Medicine, 2007-
Courtesy Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, 2004-
Florida State University2004-2010

American Diabetes Association


Programs Committee, 1984-5

Chair, Council on Health Care Delivery and
Public Health 1986-87

Chair, Committee on Affiliate Education and
Program Services, 1986-87

Task Force on Epidemiology and Statistics 1988-1989

 Publications Committee, 1989-91

 Board of Directors, 1990-93

 Chair, Non-Periodicals Review Panel, 1991-93

 Chair Elect, Council on Clinical Endocrinology, 1992-94

 Member Nominating Committee 1993-5

 Chair, Council on Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 1994-96

 Chair, Council on Diabetes in Youth,1996-97

 Publications Policy Committee, 1996-97

 Chair, Publications Policy Committee, 1997-2000

 Member, Diabetes Quality Improvement Committee,1998-2000

 Member, Provider Recognition Committee, 2000-01

 Member Finance Committee, 2002-04

 Vice President, 2004-05

 President-Elect, 2005-2006

 President, Medicine and Science 2006-07

Co-Chair Working Groupon Safe at Schools



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Eli Lilly, 1995-6: Lispro insulin in Prepubertal Children with Diabetes: Double crossover trial; senior investigator, enrolled 10 of 60 children in trial; no dropouts. John Holcombe, MD. Eli Lilly


Pfizer, Inhaled Insulin in Adolescents, 1998-2004: Followed 9 children for over 4 years on inhaled insulin; no dropouts in investigation; 9 of 10 participated until Pfizer ended trial. Lead physician no longer with Pfizer.


MAPI Values, Evaluation and Validation of a new quality of life instrument in children with diabetes, 2001: Enrolled 50 children in 4 weeks to validate instrument


Pfizer, Inhaled Insulin in Preadolescents, 1999-2003: Enrolled 10 children all completed clinical trial, 9 completed nearly 3 years of follow-up until Pfizer ended trial. Lead physician no longer with Pfizer.


Novo Nordisk, Family Preference for Growth Hormone Delivery Systems, 2000-2001. Second highest enroller in 20-center trial; all completed. George Bright, MD, currently with Tercica.


NovoNordisk, Novolog Vs Humalog in Children using insulin pumps, 2005 Second highest enroller in multicenter trial; all completed. Campbell Howard, MD, Novo Nordisk


NIH Ro1DK59626-01 HANDling Diabetes Project, 2002-2007: When Dr. Suzanne Johnson relocated to FSU College of Medicine transferred grant. We enrolled 50 children to keep grant on schedule to finish data collection by Aug 2007. No dropouts.

Bayer, Evaluation of accuracy of Didgit Glucose meter, 2009 evaluated 150 children with diabetes using new meter

Abbott, Evaluation of Freestyle meters in small children, 2010, evaluated use of meters in use by young children

NovoNordisk, insulin degludec in children 1 to 18; use of new long acting insulin in children from 1-18